how do I uninstall GPGMail?

Neil McCarty leatherfoot at
Sat Dec 9 00:07:27 CET 2006


Mac OS X 10.3.9
Mail 1.3.11

I installed GnuPG Mac OS X 1.4.1
I installed GPGMail

I played with these for a while and all worked well.  I haven't used 
encryption for months because, except for my wife, no one else was 
using it.  My wife was only using it because I made her help me try it 

Today I went into Mail and into a folder for my doctor which contains 5 
messages.  When I click on 3 of the messages, a yellow banner appears 
that says "Unable to decrypt message."  When I click on Show Details, 
it says, "There was a problem decrypting this message. Please check 
that you have a valid certificate installed in your keychain."  These 
messages are not encrypted, they've never been encrypted.  I figure the 
only way to get to read these messages again is to uninstall GPGMail 
and possibly GnuPG.

How do I uninstall this software?

Many Thanks,

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