SCM SPR-332 pinpad

Alex Mauer hawke at
Thu Dec 21 01:16:46 CET 2006

Werner Koch wrote:

> Well this log also ends here.  What you should see next is the usual
> sign command.
> So where is the problem?  Alright, I see: You tried to sign with the
> card.  This has not been implemented yet.  I forgot about this because
> I tested only the authntication as this is what I am using most of the
> time (for ssh).  Nte that decryption should also work as ist uses the
> CHV2 too.

Hmm, I had not intended to sign with the card.  I'm just using the
gpg-agent with ssh-agent support; I would have assumed that it would use
the authentication key by default.  Is that not the case?

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