controlling the use of subkeys

Mike Frysinger vapier at
Sat Dec 23 18:50:08 CET 2006

i do signing of Gentoo packages and historically i would just generate a new 
key and sign that with my normal public one ... when the last one expired, i 
decided to try and use subkeys

so my main key i get everyone to sign is E837F581 and i use that when signing 
my e-mails ... i created a new subkey just for signing Gentoo packages and 
that is 205D3103 ... now when i sign e-mails or files, my main key is no 
longer used, just my subkey ... how can i control this behavior ?

$ gpg -K
sec   4096R/E837F581 2002-11-17
uid                  Mike Frysinger <vapier at>
uid                  Mike Frysinger (GMAIL) <vapier at>
ssb   1024D/205D3103 2006-12-16
$ gpg --clearsign foo

You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for
user: "Mike Frysinger <vapier at>"
1024-bit DSA key, ID 205D3103, created 2006-12-16 (main key ID E837F581)

why is it using 205D3103 ? :(
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