gnupg clearsigning question

vedaal at vedaal at
Wed Dec 27 19:25:34 CET 2006

is it possible to construct a gnupg signature that is the same each 
for the same file (and same signing key and hash ) ?

would like to do something like this for use as a truecrypt keyfile:

the truecrypt volume is on a usb drive,
the outer volume would contain the gnupg keyrings,
the rest of the usb drive contains miscellenaous files,
one of these is used for a keyfile for the outer volume,

what i would like to do,
is clearsign one of the many textfiles on the usb,
and use that clearsigned textfile as a keyfile for the hidden volume

the problem is,
that this changes each time it is signed ;-(((

is the only reason it changes because of the timestamp?
(and then would just resetting the computer clock to time time of 
the original signing work?
assuming it would be set to a minute or so before, and signed 
repeatedly until the timestamp was right to the second)

if the timestamp is the only thing making the signature different,
would it be possible to request a feature option where the 
timestamp is omitted?
(this wouldn't affect open-pgp compatibility)



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