Still Bad Signatures - KGPG seems broken

Robert Smits bob at
Sun Dec 31 20:20:56 CET 2006

I've been trying for some time to figure out why messages from me that are gpg 
signed come back to me with the signature marked bad. 

I run three different computers all with SuSE 10.1, and use KMail/Kontact/Kgpg 
for all my email. 

Whenever I send my own signature to either a mailing list or to myself, the 
signature comes bad with red banners marked bad.

When I look in the sent mail box on Kmail, the same message is marked as 
having a good signature. 

This occurs no matter which machine I send it from, my work computer, my home 
desktop or my laptop.

I discovered that I could send a PGP signature from a Windows partition using 
Eudora/PGP 8.1 and the signature comes through marked as good. 

I've even tried back levelling Suse to version 10.0 but I get exactly the same 
results as with SuSe 10.1

Since I can send a message from the Windows Partition through my ISP and I can 
receive it on either my Linux partition or my Windows partition with a good 
signature I come to the conclusion that the ISP isn't doing anything bad to 
the email, but that it has something to do with what happens to it when I 
send it. 

I wonder if anyone else with a similar setup (Suse 10.1/Kmail/Kontact/Kgpg) 
can try sending themselves a signed email and see if this problem is systemic 
or mine alone.

Bob Smits Ph 250-245-2553 Fax 250-245-5531 E-mail bob at
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