gpg on cron task

Anders Zachrison andza at
Tue Feb 7 08:09:53 CET 2006

* enediel gonzalez <enediel at> [060206 16:57]:

> #!/bin/bash
> cd /tmp/backup && /bin/echo apassword | /usr/bin/gpg -se --passphrase-fd 0 
> --logger-fd 1 -r enediel at /tmp/backup/backup20060206100521 >> 
> /tmp/debug3.txt

> Executing it from a cron task I obtained in /tmp/debug3.txt the following 
> line
> gpg: cannot open `/dev/tty': No such device or address

As you are going to run gpg from a cron job, ie without any associated
tty, have you checked `man gpg`? Especially the options '--batch' and

You're running gpg as a batch job and from cron, ie no tty available.
GPG can in some occasions still print warnings to the tty even though
--batch is used as on option.


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