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Thu Feb 9 17:43:11 CET 2006

Gabriele Alberti wrote on Wed Feb 1 22:54:42 CET 2006:

] i have this paranoia since some time though.. 
If i use _symmetric_ cyphers (lets say a 256 bit) how long my 
password has to
Keeping in mind my password can be composed with all 95 writeable 
ascii chars,
using for example a 15 chars password gives me a "password space" 
of 95^15,
that is  463291230159753366058349609375 passwords..*much* smaller 
than the 256
bit keyspace (2^256,

2^256 ~= 1.1579 x 10^77

diceware ( )
uses words for the passphrase and is much easier to remember 
(but much harder to type when you don't see the passphrase as you 
are typing it in ;-)  )

there are 7776 diceware words,
7776^20 ~= 6.5331 x 10^77  > 2^256

so it would need 20 diceware words to get a passphrase that would 
be as difficult to break, as brute forcing the keyspace of the 
symmetrical cipher


in gnupg, unless you _actively_ choose otherwise,
by using the option of 
's2k-cipher algo twofish' or 's2k-cipher algo aes256'
your secret key is, by default, encrypted with CAST5
which is only 128 bit



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