new version of gnupg signed with different key?

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Feb 17 20:11:59 CET 2006

On Fri, 17 Feb 2006 13:12:30 +0100, Joerg Schmitz-Linneweber said:

> Werner? What happend? I saw it's tagged as a "(dist sig) <dd9jn at ...>" but why 
> did you changed your policy? [Are you on ham radio btw. :-) ?]

The new key is as the old one signed by my real key 5b0358a2 and that
one is very well connected in the WoT.   The new key is further on a
dedicated smartcard and thus RSA based.

My rig is currently just an old TS120V and there is no real aerial
(although I have al the space for a long wire). VHF stuff is mostly
disassembled.  Obviously I don't power it on very often ;-)

> I did a short review on the diff from 1.4.2 and it seems there are only the 
> changes regarding the mentioned vuln. and I think Werner ( switched 
> from CVS to Subversion.... :-) Right?

Yeah, we are using Subversion for quite some time now. The URL is
svn:// .



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