file encryption and integrity check

Roscoe eocsor at
Mon Feb 20 21:36:49 CET 2006

Sure will.

gpg -c is what you want.

Make sure you are using a MDC, which means either using one of the
128bit blocksize ciphers (your gpg will probably use AES256 by
default, which is good - gpg -vc to find out) or passing the
--force-mdc option.

If you want protection in the way of recovering from random bit errors
rather than just detecting them, running par2 against the encrypted
archive might be the way to go.

On 2/21/06, Francesco Turco <fctk86 at> wrote:
> hello,
> i am very new with gnupg and cryptography in general.
> i'd like to know if gnupg is a good choice for encrypting files with a
> password and if it is possible to check if an encrypted file is
> corrupted or not (integrity check). my goal is to burn some files on cds
> and protect them both from other people and from physical corruption of
> the media.
> thanks.
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