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Sat Feb 25 18:08:38 CET 2006

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Wolfgang Klein wrote:
> Since there is already a version of pgp for Palm (palmopgp12), I was
> thinking that it shouldn't be too difficult to modify that code to
> work under PalmOS 5 in a convenient way. But on the other hand: I am
> not a programmer. So my estimation will most probably be totally
> wrong.

I don't know much at all about the Palm or programming for them, but
FWIW I recalled questions about OS 5 on the pgp-users list a while
back.  Will Price, a long-time developer of PGP, answered someone this
way in June of 2003:

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In some respects, we are just as frustrated as you may be. If I may be 
quite frank, Palm OS 5 was a hack job not ready for prime time. If we 
felt that some amount of maintenance work would quickly clean up issues 
with different Palm OS 5 devices, we would engage the effort.

I look forward to Palm OS 6. Palm OS 5 appears to be a halfway step 
down the transition road towards Palm OS 6 later this year which will 
(finally!) bring full support for the new processor types allowing 
acceptable speeds for all the key sizes and one hopes fix the API 
issues which prevent some of the features of PGP on Palm OS 4.X from 
working properly on Palm OS 5. It is my hope that a major new release 
of PGP Mobile will be ready for that OS and others.

On Saturday, June 7, 2003, at 06:54  AM, Michael Disabato wrote:
>> I hope someone there is doing some work with Palm OS 5's s/w 
>> development and
>> getting progressively more familiar with its possibilities. It's hard 
>> to
> I certainly hope so as well. I just got my Tungsten T, and PGP
> Mobile's operation on it is just about as bad as you can get. Their
> web site is highly misleading when it says that some of the
> functionality may not be there. Even encrypting/decrypting mail is
> broken, though not seriously if you tinker.
> Since Palm OS 5 is going to be the standard, it would be nice if PGP
> caught up with the industry.
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