Smartcard questions

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at
Sun Jan 1 20:57:27 CET 2006

I am still getting used to working with the OpenPGP smartcards, and I
have a few questions:

1) Is it possible to erase one?  For example, if a set of three keys has
been generated on the card, and if later that card is going to be used
for one or two subkeys, can the unused keys on the card be erased?  It
would be nice to return the card to an unused state for reuse.
2) Is it possible to export only the smartcard private key stubs from a
normal RSA key pair that has smartcard subkeys?  In other words, once I
have made smartcard subkeys of a regular RSA key, and once they are on
the card, how can I use the card on another PC without transporting the
full master secret key?
3) Is it possible to set the private DO 1 and DO 2 fields to anything?
4) Is the card serial number stored in the keyring?  Can GnuPG be
configured to ask for the correct card when there is no card inserted,
rather than just when the wrong card is inserted?
5) Related to 4, is it possible to use GnuPG to query for the serial
number of the card associated with a key?  I would like to make GPGee
able to ask for a card when one is needed, but don't know how to find
out which card to prompt for.

Any information would be muchly appreciated.
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