updating a key's self-signature

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Wed Jan 4 04:59:08 CET 2006

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>Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2006 19:43:01 -0500
>From: David Shaw <dshaw at jabberwocky.com>
>Subject: Re: updating a key's self-signature

>Yes, but note that it's still possible for someone to get the old
>self-sig from a keyserver.

what good would that do anyone once the old signature hash is no 
longer trusted,
and the key is updated with the new one ?

>Anyway, do this:
>gpg --expert --cert-digest-algo (thehash) -u (thekeyid) --sign-key 

ok, Thanks!
worked perfectly,

updated key with new self-sig already uploaded

>Despite the recent attacks, I'd use SHA-1.

i'd prefer whirpool, but settled for sha-256 ;-)

>Why did you self-sign a v4 RSA key with MD5 anyway?

wasn't my choice ;-(
(relatively 'old' key,  circa 2001)

was all that was available at the time from pgp,
and gnupg wasn't allowing 4k keys yet


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