Selecting subkeys while using GnuPG

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Sat Jan 7 18:45:47 CET 2006

Nicky wrote:
> I have two encryption keys and three signing keys:
> pub  4096R/057AC4BC  created: 2005-12-08  expires: never       usage: CS
> sub  4096R/0DBBD3FD  created: 2005-12-08  expires: never       usage: SEA
> sub  4096g/E3DD0205  created: 2005-12-29  expires: 2006-04-29  usage: E
> sub  1024D/CC89E9DE  created: 2005-12-30  expires: 2006-04-30  usage: S
> but while signing a message, GnuPG uses the DSA key as the default signing
> key and the ELG-E key as the default encryption key. Is there a way to spe
> cify which subkey GnuPG should use to sign/encrypt?

Stick a "!" after the keyid you specify and GnuPG will use it

  gpg -u 0xDecafBad! --sign .....
> For example this message was signed using the 1024-bit DSA key using the
> SHA1 digest algorithm.

SHA-1 implies DSA which would mean a DSA key. What happen if you specify SHA-256
without explicitly selecting the subkey?

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