libgcrypt cross compilation error

Paul Blacquiere blacq at
Wed Jan 18 19:11:40 CET 2006


I am attempting to build libgcrypt for use on an embedded Linux Arm board.  I am
using uclibc, and toolchain built with builtroot.

I evoke configure with the --build=arm-linux option, and all seems to run OK,
inspecting the console output from configure, it does not detect the cross
compiler. A run of make confirms this.

So I have tried various permutation of using --build, --host & --target, with
the best success using --host=arm-linux, which detects the correct toolchain,
and will run make till it fails on an error in rndlinux.c through a FD_ZERO
macro, included though select.h, however what is strange is that the included
directory on the arm-linux-gcc command line param is -I/usr/include, which
would suggest inclusion of i386 stuff.

If anybody has some comments or thoughts please let me know



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