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Maxim Britov udjinrg at
Thu Jan 26 08:59:10 CET 2006

On Wed, 25 Jan 2006 18:21:07 +0100
 Ismael Valladolid Torres wrote:

> Maxim Britov escribe:
> > For use it, you should have XMPP / Jabber account and client with
> > conference support.  Clients is: tkabber, psi, gaim, iChat and many
> > others.
> I suggest Gajim which is truly ellegant and available for Linux and
> Windows.

I not used gajim yet. I prefer tkabber and psi at the moment.
Tkabber can sign messages with gnupg.
PSI/Tkabber can encrypt messages with gnupg.

Maxim Britov

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