uncleanable expired sig

Alain Bench veronatif at free.fr
Sun Jan 29 21:43:13 CET 2006


    I have on my key 0xC1C46015 as fetched on subkeys.pgp.net several
temporary signatures from PGP Global Directory Verification Key. Those
signatures seem all verified, but are expired. With GnuPG 1.4.2 I do
--edit and "clean sigs", and they are gone. Except one of those expired
sigs done on 2005-09-04 stays uncleanable?

| $ gpg --check-sigs C1C46015
| pub   1024D/C1C46015 2003-11-29
| uid                  Alain Bench <veronatif at free.fr>
| sig!3        C1C46015 2006-01-26  Alain Bench <veronatif at free.fr>
| uid                  Alain Bench <albench at oreka.com>
| sig!3        C1C46015 2005-01-01  Alain Bench <veronatif at free.fr>
	[snip some permanent sigs]
| sig!      X  CA57AD7C 2005-09-04  PGP Global Directory Verification Key
| sub   1024g/BFD57A5F 2003-11-29
| sig!         C1C46015 2003-11-29  Alain Bench <veronatif at free.fr>

Bye!	Alain.
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