German "umlauts" in passphrase

Karl Kashofer karl.kashofer at
Mon Jul 17 12:27:50 CEST 2006

Hi !

>     This is a Charset problem.

Yes, thats what I guessed.

>     Two solutions may work:
> -examining the Charset tables, you can find what character should be
> entered and accepted. Example, with my Charsets, this is what I see for a
> user: RÚgis DÚcamps (+ëlÞve ingÚnieur IIE)
>     and this is what it should be:
> Régis Décamps (+élève ingénieur IIE)
>     So, if my PassPhrase was the latter, I would have to input the first,
> to be accepted.

I will most probably change my passphrase, but as this problem has cropped up 
in other apps as well I would really like to find out how to solve it.

So, how would I examine the charset talbles ? The UserID and other information 
printed by GnuPG is correctly displayed with all the umlauts. How do I find 
out what character I have to type to get the umlaut in my passphrase?

I presume i could find out by comparing the german windows charset to the 
german linux charset ? Any leads ?

Thanks for your help,

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