GnuPG asks for confirmation...

markus reichelt ml at
Fri Jun 2 16:26:31 CEST 2006

* Laurent Jumet <laurent.jumet at> wrote:

> > Many mail clients will assume that any GPG message is encrypted and
> > prompt for a passphrase prior to invoking GPG.
>     Are you sure?
>     Security wouldn't be compromised if passphrase is given to anything else 
> then gpg?

F.e. mutt itself asks for a passphrase and passes it on to gpg. It's
a normal thing for email clients to do, as with frontends for gpg as

In case an attacker replaces the gpg binary with a wrapper... well,
security is compromised the moment when an attacker gains system
access anyway.

Btw, good to see GoldEd still floating around. How's fidonet?

Sorry to the people I drove nuts back then, hehe
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