signature comments?

Alphax alphasigmax at
Tue Jun 6 07:08:05 CEST 2006

Zach Himsel wrote:
> I've always wondered how to get comments put under the signature
> header... I've seen them on sigs before and would like to have my
> public key address put there. Does anyone know how to do this?

From the man page:

--comment string

         Use  string  as a comment string in clear text signatures and
         ASCII armored messages or keys (see  --armor).   The  default
         behavior  is  not  to use a comment string.  --comment may be
         repeated multiple times  to  get  multiple  comment  strings.
         --no-comments  removes  all  comments.   It is a good idea to
         keep the length of a single comment below  60  characters  to
         avoid  problems with mail programs wrapping such lines.  Note
         that comment lines, like all other header lines, are not pro-
         tected by the signature.

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