GnuPG modules

mkontakt at mkontakt at
Mon Jun 12 10:59:16 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I have found a very nice picture of project Agypten(I am missing gnupg).
This made me thing about gnupg modular approach. So, I would like to ask
you for revision of my thoughts. Gnupg is a modular application composed
of a crypto module based on libcrypt(independent development), a
compression module, a key management module, a communication module
(managing HKP, etc.). This model is easy to be extended in any of the
arrays of this model. For instance adding new crypto alg. without
disturbing other parts of the app(apart of utilitization of this new
feature). Above all, Gnupg is used as a background by gpgME, which
should be used as the preferred way of communication with the app by
another program. 

Have I forgotten anything. Thanks in advance for your comments. 

Best regards

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