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Tue Jun 13 19:03:42 CEST 2006

* markus reichelt <ml at> wrote:

> Essentially you're saying: no backup of a private key generated
> on/via a smartcard cannot be exported. Because if it could be
> exported, importing the key(s) in question just works.

Sorry, that was heat-induced and shall read of course as follows:

Essentially you're saying: a private key generated on/via a smartcard
cannot be exported, so no backup of the private key in question is
possible. Because if the private key(s) could be exported, import of
the key(s) in question just works without problems.

The rest of my message still stands though.

Bottom line, what's the use of importing to smartcards when no export
from smartcards is possible? In other words: Why is the export of
plain smartcard private keys prohibited in the first place?
Additionally, why is importing of off-card generated private keys
allowed then? Where's the difference?

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