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Fri Jun 16 14:56:08 CEST 2006

I do have the secret keys., could you provide me the pgp command for
self-signing ?
Should I do this using pgp -ke for each one of them ?  ( Have around 50
such keys to be migrated )

Gpg is able to load the key with "--allow-non-selfsigned-uid" but is
unable to use the key for encryption - I guess this will be fixed once I
self sign the key and load into gpg ring.


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Ash M wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on a project to convert PGP keys to GnuPG.
> Most of the keys created recently have successfully been migtated but
I am
> unable to migrate the ones created using PGP Version: 4.0 Business
> The error I get is: ( gpg version 1.4.2 )
>   $ gpg --import
>   gpg: WARNING: using insecure memory!
>   gpg: please see for more information
>   gpg: key 390CA571: no valid user IDs
>   gpg: this may be caused by a missing self-signature
>   gpg: Total number processed: 1
>   gpg:           w/o user IDs: 1
> Following is the output from pgp for the same key:
>   $ pgp -kvv 0x390CA571
>   Looking for user ID "0x390CA571".
>   Type bits      keyID      Date       User ID
>   RSA  1024      0x390CA571 2003/09/24 KKK <one_e05>
>   sig            0xCC7AB923             MFF user <mff at>
>   1 matching key found.
> I have heard that there are compatibility issues between GnuPG and
> versions of PGP but is there any way of getting around this ?
> Any help would be well appreciated.

If you still have the secret key, you can have the key sign itself and
then this error will not occur. Otherwise, you can use the option in


to import the key, and then have it sign itself.

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