Jørgen Lysdal j.lysdal at
Fri Jun 23 17:56:21 CEST 2006

Thanks for you guys help.. :)

However, i have a small problem.

I dont want to interfere with any selection process
by having a personal-cipher/digest-preferences in my options

I have a RSA and a DSA key, When im using the RSA key i want to use
SHA256, and RIPEMD160 for my DSA key, when i use clearsign.

Is there anything i can put in my options file that will make
gpg use SHA256 for my RSA and RIPEMD160 for my DSA without
having the personal-digest-preferences thing in my options file?

This is really important to me because i when i clearsign something,
i dont have a recipient as a target and i want to use an algorithm
of my choice. For encrypt and sign, i want and algorithm of the
recipient choice.


Jorgen Lysdal / 0x01331B97

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