Corrupt file issue?

jkaye jkaye at
Tue Jun 27 18:02:16 CEST 2006

Hello all,

I've had some success solving problems here before thanks to the 
kindness of many of you and thought I would give this another try.

We've got an intermittent issue (about once a week) where a daily
process that generates a text file, encrypts it and transfers it by
FTP will sometimes create a file that the recipient cannot decrypt.
If I run the process again, it will produce an encrypted file which 
is a few bytes smaller than the original file.  This new file can
be decrypted by the recipient without a problem.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

Here's the command I use to perform the (signed) encryption:

gpg -r <key> -e <filename>

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


- Jack

Jack Kaye
Senior Business Analyst
Celera Systems LLC
(262) 834-0080 x204

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