eudora, windows xp, and gpg

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Thu Mar 2 11:17:58 CET 2006

Karl Berry wrote:
> Greetings,
> A colleague is stuck using Windows (XP), and prefers Eudora (she has
> version, which I believe is the latest) to read mail.  She only
> needs to decrypt occasional gpg/pgp-signed messages.  Any advice on the
> easiest way to do this would be gratefully received.
> I found the Eudora plugin as part of the Windows Privacy Tools at
>, but the last release was apparently in
> 2003, which somewhat worries me with such a new version of Eudora.  And
> the "tray" idea worries me.  We don't need or want any UI or any screen
> real estate to be used; all that's needed is email decryption.
> I'd rather use GPG, but I also looked for PGP versions, and was rather
> dismayed at the array of products out there.  Pretty much all of them
> claim to work with Eudora and XP, but it is hard to know which "really"
> work, without messing up anything else, etc.  If anyone has any
> experiences on that front, I'd be grateful to hear those as well.

For only occasional use, the current window or clipboard functionality found in
WinPT[1] or GPGshell[2] should suffice.

At that level of use, PGP Freeware will also do the job.

I'm a bit biased, but many folks on Windows platforms are using GnuPG with
Thunderbird and the Enigmail extension. Enigmail is to be merged into the
Mozilla trunk source and will be enabled out-of-the box in SeaMonkey 1.1. Who
knows it might even make its way into Thunderbird 2.0.

Sorry I can't be of more specific help with Eudora, but I've only used it on a
Kyocera 7135 PDA/Phone.




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