eudora, windows xp, and gpg

Two Sank sanktwo at
Thu Mar 2 15:23:20 CET 2006

Karl, I have been using Winpt on W2000 in conjunction with Eudora without problems. I have not heard of problems with Windows XP. You are right, the sourceforge version is out of date. Timo Shultz seems to maintain it separately for some reason. Try
  The latest version there is dated 24 February 2006 which should be recent enough for you.

However, Winpt no longer includes the Eudora plug in.
The Eudora plugin is quite old (Nov 2003) but seems to work fine for me. That you have to get from and unzip into the Eudora plugins directory. Of course GPG has to be installed first to work.

The latest version of Eudora for Windows (as opposed to MAC) is 7.0.1 but don't worry Winpt seems to work with V 6.2 OK.

Winpt is a gui to manage GPG which it accesses through the command line. You need GPG at or later than 1.4.2 I believe. If you don't wish to import/export keys, sign keys etc etc then don't run Winput and no real estate will be taken. You can always run GPG from the cmd window ;-)  Running winpt shows a small key in the bottom right tray. Unless you put Winput in your startup folder, it will not appear. It is not necessary to run Winpt to use the Eudora plugin, they are unrelated.  Any other questions?

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