building gnupg-1.9.20 on macos

Remco Post at
Thu Mar 9 09:10:57 CET 2006

Charly Avital wrote:
> Thanks for the information. I have never succeeded to build gpg 1.9.xx
> on MacOS, in spite of help and tips from WK, so I gave it up.
> If you are kind enough to keep posting your findings and tips, I shall
> be very grateful.
> Charly

Well, everything seems to work as expected but:

1- I had to build a wrapper script for gpg for use in enigmail to source
the .gpg-agent-env file I had the agent write. For some reason, on Linux
enigmail/thunderbird strips the required variables from gpg's
environment, of course on MacOS those vars were never there. This is
minor compared to the next thing. Still, not being able to statically
configure the socket for gpg-agent is a nuisance.

2- pinentry. When I start the gpg-agent in a Terminal (from
.bashrc/.bash_profile) I usually get a pinentry-cucrus prompt in that
window, but not when enigmail starts gpg. Since there is no native gui
pinentry (yet?) I'd love to be able to force gpg-agent to _allways_ use
one tty for pinentry, no matter what.

For now I've decided that the second issue is a 'show stopper' for
implementing gpg-agent based login auth with MacOS. I have to choose
between gpg-agent and decrypting/signing e-mail, and mail functionality won.

So I guess the next thing on the list for me is finding some way around
the second issue.

ps. I've not tested gpgsm in any way on MacOS. I see it's there, I just
haven't done anything with it (nor will I do so any time soon).

> MacOS 10.4.5 - MacGPG 1.4.3rc1
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