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Peter Palfrader at
Thu Mar 9 22:52:53 CET 2006

On Thu, 09 Mar 2006, David Shaw wrote:

> Let's make it simpler: I just added the ability to delete notations
> directly by using a minus sign prefix like "-foo at".
> Given these notations:
>   foo at
>   foo at
>   foo at
> if you use "-foo at" you'll delete that specific
> notation.  If you use "-foo at" you'll delete all three.
> > Also, is issuing a notation again with the same key supposed to replace
> > an existing notation, or should it - as it does now - add a second
> > notation with the same key?
> I went back and forth on this a few times, as I can see a good
> argument for either replacement or adding a second notation, but
> finally went with the current behavior as more flexible.  It's easy
> enough to change if it doesn't work out well in the field.  Note that
> this only applies to key matches.  Adding a completely matching
> notation (both key and value) is skipped.

Thanks, this looks very good now.  I don't think the fact that one
cannot add notation keys that start with a dash will be very relevant
in practice.

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