Change PIN on OpenPGP-Card with Cherry SmartTerminal ST-1044

Dennis Heitmann dennis at
Tue Mar 14 19:49:56 CET 2006

Sorry for posting 3 times, but the mailinglist-server response was so slow.

Additional info: Cherry says that the reader is compatible to the
Omnikey CardMan 3121.


Dennis Heitmann wrote:
> I just rendered my expensive OpenPGP Card useless.
> I tried to change the Admin PIN 3 times. I typed the right Admin PIN
> (12345678), but GnuPG maybe cannot communicate properly with the "Cherry
> SmartTerminal ST-1044"
> I thought the timer would not count, because there was a I/O-Error, but
> that is not right.
> Is there any information why it does not work?
> [cut]
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