batch mode lack of randomness FreeBSD

Stef Caunter stef at
Thu Mar 16 07:10:25 CET 2006

I'm sure I have just missed this in the archives, but I cannot see mention of a 
way to get sufficient randomness when running gpg remotely in a shell account 
to batch generate key pairs, i.e.

gpg --gen-key --batch tmp

where tmp is populated according to doc/DETAILS example. Here is what I've done 
to help randomness. I'm just a user on this system so my options for IRQ 
mapping to acquire randomness are limited:

I've started a child process that continually writes to a disk file during 
the --gen-key --batch job...

I have populated ~/.gnupg/random_seed with 600 bytes from /dev/urandom

I have asked the admin to add IRQs to rndcontrol.

Is this just the way it is on FreeBSD (4.11-RELEASE)? There is plenty of 
randomness in /dev/urandom, and none in /dev/random...


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