How to tell the gpg agent to forget a passphrase

Olaf Gellert og at
Thu Mar 16 10:43:06 CET 2006


is there any documentation on the commands that the
gpg agent understands?

I am usign gpg agent with Mozilla/Enigmail. This works
fine. One thing that I am missing is how to tell the
agent to forget the stored passphrases. I know that I
can use gpg-connect-agent to send commands directly
to the agent. The command "clear_passphrase" sounds
exactly like what I am looking for, but what argument
does it require?

I did not find any documents on the commands that the
agent understands. That would be very much apreciated!

By the way: What does "--enable-ssh- support" do? Sounds
like acting as a replacement for the ssh-agent?

Cheers, Olaf

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