How to receive keys from a keyserver when you don't have a key ID, using command-line.

John Schofield schof at
Fri Mar 17 20:16:25 CET 2006

I'm setting up an experimental private keyserver network and trying  
to write scripts to interact with it from the command-line. (OS:  
Ubuntu Linux 5.10)

Let's say that my script is asked to encrypt to a unique user ID.  
(All user IDs will be unique; this is a closed system and I can  
control that.)

If the local machine has the key in its keyring, it can just enter  
the following:

However, if the $RECIPIENTID does not exist in the local keyring, gpg  
fails. Fine. I should be able to request the key from the keyserver.  
But in order to request the key from the keyserver, I need the Key ID  
(ie 0xEE3A668A) rather than a unique identifier ( 
12345678 at

But if I don't have the key, how do I get the Key ID? Do I have to  
store that separately and pass it to the script?

Am I missing something obvious here?
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