Change PIN on OpenPGP-Card with Cherry SmartTerminal ST-1044

Joe Smith unknown_kev_cat at
Thu Mar 23 03:24:35 CET 2006

"Werner Koch" <wk at> wrote in message 
news:87zmjk7yqy.fsf at
> On 14 Mar 2006 20:07:21 +0100, Dennis Heitmann said:
>> gpg: pcsc_transmit failed: not transacted (0x80100016)
>> gpg: apdu_send_simple(0) failed: card I/O error
> That is a catch all error of thye underlying ifd-handler.  I have
> never tried that board with the PCSC driver.  It works fine when using
> the internal GnuPG driver.
> I sorry, that you burned your card.  In general it is always advisable
> to take some caution when using a new reader device.  And you should
> always start with the regular PIN, this gives you more tries in case
> something went wrong.  Using gpg with the option "--debug 2048" will
> show details of the card communication.
Could the next revision of the OpenPGP card spec (and the next version of 
the primary implemetation) provide
an [optional] command that resets the card to factory condition? (Wipes the 
key, and then resets the pin counts.
Perhaps itwould only work if PIN counter have reached maximum. [At which 
point the key on the card is for all
intents and purposes dead anyway as it is no longer usable, so the user 
should be able to wipe the card clean. It would
save a user's investment.])

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