Is there any GnuPG version which works with Windows Mobile 5.0?

Raphaël Poss gnupg at
Wed Mar 29 10:20:04 CEST 2006

John W. Moore III wrote:

> My 'gut feeling' is that there will be no significant progress toward
> integration of GnuPG into PDA's & Smart Phones until there is a Model
> offered with a Linux O/S.  Last I heard, Palm was seriously talking
> about this.  Since then they appear to have jumped into bed with
> Redmond. (M$)

Actually you already have a number of PDAs in Europe and Japan with 
Linux-embedded and either Opie (Qt) or GPE (Gtk) for the user 
environment, but I do not know of any development effort to make a GUI 
for gnupg on these (although the command-line version does already work).



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