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Hi all,

well, I've been using gpg-agent (gpg v 1.9.20) on both macos and linux for
some time now withj my openpgp smartcard.

Everything seems to be fairly stable, though I one did experience a crash of
gpg-agent on linux.

I do have some questions:

the GPG_AGENT_INFO envirunment variable contains a process id. I use gpg-agent
with a default-socket location. After the crash and subsequent restart
everything continued to work, is the pid part of the GPG_INFO var ignored? And
in that case, could I just set it to an arbitrary value in the wrapper-script
I build for enigmail? (not that I really care). Will that part be removed in a
future relase?

Though I have some cache-ttl set for both gpg as ssh use, this doesn't seem to
work for use with a openpgp smartcard. Collegues do tell me that caching does
work with on disk keys. Is this some misfeature/bug or just work in progress?

Does anybody have a build of gnupg 1.9.20 for windows(XP) ? I'd like to test
gpg-agent with putty. I do have a windows workstation available at work, but
no build environment...

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