Porting source code

CHRISTINA MARJI marji22 at yahoo.com
Mon May 15 00:38:16 CEST 2006


I have been working on GnuPG under cygwin. I
have downloaded, configured, compiled, and installed
it under cygwin. I have made some modifications to the
source code and successfully compiled and installed
the modified source code in cygwin. 

My problem is porting the source code to linux. I have
configured the modified source code in linux. The
cofiguration completes successfully with no error
messages. However, when I run 'make', I get a number
of undefined reference errors. Listed below are some
of the errors:
undefined reference to `mpihelp_addmul_1'
undefined reference to `mpihelp_sub_n'
undefined reference to `mpihelp_sub_n'

Can someone explain these errors? How can fix it?

Any help is appreciated.
Christina Michael

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