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> The value of that TXT record is a colon-separated list of key=value
> pairs, where the keys and values are: (ignore everything after #,
> obviously)

That part was easy enough to understand. My entry is:


md._pka	TXT

> When concatenated together, you TXT record should look something like:
> "v=pkal\;fpr=95FF88C5277C2282973FB90AD0197853DD25E42F\;uri="

Hmmm... do I need the backslash after the first two values (and not the

> What version of gpg are you using?  The instructions indicate that you
> need to check out the subversion ("CVS") tree.  It's experimental in
> nature, so it hasn't trickled down to stable versions yet.

I'm using 1.4.3. The PKA lookup options appear in the man page, and
using them doesn't choke GnuPG (invalid options always choke GnuPG).
I've included the pka-lookup verify option, yet nothing happens. I then
must presume that my notation syntax is incorrect (assuming pka-lookup
only 'activates' when verifying a signature containing the correct
notation data).

> I need to try a newer version today anyway, so I'll try this out and
> let you know what version works.

Please do. You can figure out my email address from my TXT RR quoted
above. You can also find contact info on my website (see tag). A direct
reply is welcome.

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