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Sat May 27 16:07:43 CEST 2006

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Im running on Windows XP SP2, latest IE and OE. GnuPG setup is WinPT with
GPG. For security, I'm using ZoneAlarm Security Suite.

In about 50%, when I sign and post to usenet, when anyone tries to verify
the posting, an error 'Bad Signature...signed 01/01/1970' is returned.
This happens regardless of how I post: with or without proxy (COTSE),
signing directly via the 'window', or by copying and signing the clipboard
content. The remainder of the time, the correct signing date is passed
through to usenet.

This issue does not occur with anything else.

Any ideas about how I can rectify this, please? I have already tried
unistalling, download and reinstalling the lastest softwar.e

Many thanks
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