Logo contest closed

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at securemecca.net
Thu Nov 2 18:49:20 CET 2006

On Wed, 2006-11-01 at 06:00 -0800, randy at randyburns wrote:

> I'm not a contest judge, but if I were a judge, this contest 
> would be over after seeing the Robbie Tingey submission. Win or 
> not, that's a great one. Good job!

I am glad you picked so quickly.  I am also not a judge and I am
glad I am not a judge.  That is because I have narrowed it to
these with very great difficulty.  I still have some concerns with
how hard it would be to make T-Shirts or other memorabilia with
some of them.  Artists also need to know that a reversal of a
black <-> white or color shift should be a possibility for a
logo on dark media (I really do prefer black t-shirts in the
winter - they are warmer).

Submission 6: Thomas Wittek:
The first is classic and elegant, and it may even be possible to
reverse color it for black t-shirts (hey it gets cold in some parts
of the world and I am cold right now).

Submission 9: Daniel Huber:
By all means the first - classic and elegant, but some concerns
about the key colors on t-shirts, etc.

Submission 14: Christian Javier ALVAREZ de Toledo:
I think it is possible by making making the black letters and horns
white and the white P (key) black, to put it on a dark / black
background.  I also like the small thumbnails.

Submission 18: Tri Seprian Damayanto:
I especially liked the elegant simplicity of the third sketch of
the Gnu.  Again, with a black to white reversal, it can go on a dark

Submission 19: Andrey Alekseev & Sergey Lukyanov:
Drop dead gorgeous but it is copyrighted already!  Where is the
Gnu Copyright?  The reproducibility on pages may not come off as
well as what is showing on the page.  I think the richness of
colors would be impossible on a T-Shirt. It doesn't stop me from
liking it.  Keep how hard it is do a print of it on various media
in mind judges.  We aren't working with a Microsoft budget.

Submission 29:  Arnfinn Sarau:
THE FIRST!  But do it with just "Gnu-Privacy-Guard" or with
"Gnu-Privacy-Guard OpenPGP compliant" or even omit that altogether
if that is okay with Arnfinn.  You could also use a lighter blue
in the PG on dark backgrounds like black t-shirts.  This one is not
only easily done in various ways, but the four (that is a dark
brown sliver between the light gold / dark gold) color design is
easy to work with and looks beautiful.

That doesn't mean the others aren't good, but a Logo should be
simple, easily put on various media including t-shirts, etc.
You have five nanoseconds (what the attention span of humans has
been reduced to now) before people don't see it any more.  I would
like to express thanks to all of the submissions and the work the
people did.  Thanks for all of the fine efforts!

Judges, remember that the logo will exist for a long time, so pick
well. I gave what I liked in numerical, not preference order. It
is after all the judges preferences that count.  I just hope I
gave them some helpful pointers.  Consider it like the vote of
one of audience members in a game contest.  You still have to
make the final decision.


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