Shell script to encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify from clibpoard

Zach Himsel z.himsel at
Wed Nov 8 06:19:35 CET 2006

On 11/7/06, Adam Schreiber <adam.schreiber at> wrote:
> That does sound complicated.
It is... and it gets worse after *every* email I encrypt (which is quite a few)

> If you're in a programming mood, it might be interesting to see a QT
> implementation of Seahorse's libcryptui.  Our DBus interface can be
> used in a desktop agnostic fashion.
I'm *always* in a programming mood! :) But unfortunately, I don't know
QT. Right now, I'll get by. I think there was a program I heard about
somewhere that enabled the clipboard to be read from the console.

OR.... Google could always code some kind of GnuPG encryption feature
in their Gmail UI (which I am waiting for, and have suggested it to
them many times). I know about Freenigma, but it is too
"proprietary"/one-sided (it doesn't let you import your keyrings, and
it locks your account with a custom created key)

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