Gnupg Integrity check

Joseph Oreste Bruni brunij at
Thu Nov 9 17:51:18 CET 2006

You need to import the key in order for gpg to use it. Use the "gpg -- 
import" command. You will then need to sign the key so that gpg  
considers it "valid" using the "--sign-key" command or using the  
"sign" sub-command from inside the "--edit-key" menu.

On Nov 8, 2006, at 6:05 PM, Yahya Alameddine wrote:

> KNOWING THAT: I have placed the public key that i have copied from  
> the site in the same folder under
> multiple names:
> 1-pubring.gpg
> 2-enigmail-
> 3-pubring.asc
> The integrity check gave me the finger, i have searched everywhere  
> for an answer but it is the same unclear answers.

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