Question about use of --cipher-algo AES & --openpgp

Peter Lebbing peter at
Sun Nov 12 12:56:47 CET 2006

Henry Hertz Hobbit wrote:

> and the "file" command.  Evidently, OpenPGP is totally incompatible
> with that and always will be.  At least I can't see a way to make it
> fit. If you can, be my guest. It would require enumerating all of the
> possibilities and putting in ALL of them, but being careful you don't
> clobber something else in the process.

The "file" command is a very useful tool for identifying files, but in
my opinion it is not necessary that it can obtain detailed information
from a file. You could probably write a magic info entry that
succesfully identifies a file as generally an OpenPGP file (of course
always with the possibility of false positives). Once you know it's
OpenPGP, you just use gpg to look at the details. "file" gives you a
good hint towards which tool to use to interpret the file, and that tool
can subsequently be used to get the real information about the file.


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