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Aldert Hazenberg wrote:
> On Nov 13, 2006, at 4:28 PM, Werner Koch wrote:
>>  A port to Windows might
>> eventually be done but as of now I see no reason for it.

> What is your reason for no windows port of 2.0 ?
> Is it a business reason ? Or ideological ?

This was/is performed by the various GUI's for Windows Installations;
the most well known being GPGshell, WinPT & Enigmail.  There is also
S/MIME support within GPG 2.0.  In fact, 2.0 is far more bloated than
the 1.4.x BRANCH.

The Bottom Line is that nothing is /missing/ in 1.4.x Builds.  GPGshell
& WinPT will *not* work on Linux so GPG-Agent is the Linux version of a
'Shell' for easy manipulation of GnuPG within Linux.

Because Linux Users secretly resent the variety of variety of GUI's
available to Windows Users. (expect Lance & Alphax to rebut here)  More
& more Linux Users are not proficient in Command Line use nor do the
ones who are particularly enjoy having to resort to it for routine
Communication.  Not everyone uses T-Bird/Enigmail with Linux.  Also,
there are these other Library dependencies in GPG 2.0:

 * The *gpg-agent* is the central place to maintain private keys and
   to cache passphrases.  It is implemented as a daemon to be started
   with a user session.

 * *gpgsm* is an implementation of the X.509 and CMS standards and
   provides the cryptographic core to implement the S/MIME protocol.
   The command line interface is very similar to the one of gpg.  This
   helps adding S/MIME to application currently providing OpenPGP

 * *scdaemon* is a daemon run by gpg-agent to access different types
   of smart cards using a unified interface.

 * *gpg-connect-agent* is a tool to help scripts directly accessing
   services of gpg-agent and scdaemon.

 * *gpgconf* is a tool to maintain the configuration files of all
   modules using a well defined API.

Notice the 3 Items that GPG 2.0 brings to Linux Users:

1.)  Smart Card Use
2.)  S/MIME
3.)  gpg.conf

There is also cached passphrases; but basically, GPG 2.0 provides Linux
MUA's many of the features that Windows Users take for granted.  It just
integrates them into the GnuPG Build.

IMO:  You are not being denied anything by sticking with 1.4.x on your
Windows Box.  My hope is that now that the 2.0 version has been
released, more attention will be devoted to development of the 1.4.x BRANCH.

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