gpg-agent timeout not working

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Nov 14 08:24:25 CET 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 00:47, z.himsel at said:

> I use the gpg-agent to store my passphrase. The problem is that my
> timeout is set for like 24 hours (actually, now it is 999999 seconds
> :) ), but pinentry keeps asking for my password every 4 hours or so.
> How would I get that to work correctly?

What option did you set?

  @item --default-cache-ttl @var{n}
  Set the time a cache entry is valid to @var{n} seconds.  The default are
  600 seconds.
  @item --max-cache-ttl @var{n}
  Set the maximum time a cache entry is valid to @var{n} seconds.  After
  this time a cache entry will get expired even if it has been accessed
  recently.  The default are 2 hours (7200 seconds).

I guess you only changed --default-cache-ttl and thus the cache entry
will expire after 2 houer due to the --mac-cache-ttl.

> I use Psi v0.10 (which uses GnuPG encryption and the gpg-agent). Would
> that have anything to do with it?




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