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John W. Moore III wrote:

> The Bottom Line is that nothing is /missing/ in 1.4.x Builds.  GPGshell
> & WinPT will *not* work on Linux so GPG-Agent is the Linux version of a
> 'Shell' for easy manipulation of GnuPG within Linux.

_but_ gpg-agent also provides ssh-agent functionality for authentication
purposes. This is the _only_ part I'm currently intrested in from gpg
v2. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to stick to an ancient beta on
windows (yes, my boss makes me use this OS).

> IMO:  You are not being denied anything by sticking with 1.4.x on your
> Windows Box.  My hope is that now that the 2.0 version has been
> released, more attention will be devoted to development of the 1.4.x BRANCH.

And here we disagree... for me, basically forced to use this windows
thing as an X-terminal, gpg-agent does add a bit of functionality.

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