OpenPGP Card implementation

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at
Tue Nov 14 13:30:33 CET 2006

Johan Wevers wrote:
> Werner Koch wrote:
>> Thanks to the pay-tv's lawyers and the tv card crackers the problems
>> on selling certain crypto cards exists.  The rumour goes that they
>> blackmail the chip vendors (like Atmel) to stop processing chips which
>> are too easy to be used by tv card crackers. I call that "security
>> through lawyers".
> Is it very hard to design such a card from scratch, and very expensive
> to have it produced as custom hardware? I'm sure there are enough
> chip-producing companies in China who don't give a damn about western
> lawyers.

I did some investigation, and there are lots of java card platforms that
would be eminently usable for the OpenPGP smartcard.  The hard part is
redoing the code from BasicCard to Java.  The hardware is easy to obtain.


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