how to create a symmetric cipher

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Hello Wei !

"Wei Wu [H]" <wwu at> wrote:

> I want to create a symmetric cipher such as AES to encrypt some data, and
> think gpg (GnuPG Version may do this. But I found it gives only
> three options, none is symmetric. I would appreciate if anyone can point me
> to another or way to do it?

--symmetric [File]
    will use CAST5 by default, but you can change that choice by using --cipher-algo option.
    Or better yet, you can define a permanent list of preferred encryptions in --personal-cipher-preferences : the first one will be used for symmetric.

    AES is "S7"
personal-cipher-preferences S7 S1 S10 S3 S4 S2

    Of course, each time you make a symmetric encryption, you'll need to type a PassPhrase (but not the one you are using for your secret key), and the recipient must have that PassPhrase in order to decode.

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