insecure memory warning in 2.0.0

Eric Buchanan groundedforlife at
Thu Nov 16 04:52:02 CET 2006

Hi Doug,
I haven't gotten 2.0 to compile on FreeBSD (yet), but with 1.x I have to run 
chmod 4775 on the absolute location of the gpg binary. Then it goes away.

Eric Buchanan

On Wednesday 15 November 2006 17:37, Doug Barton wrote:
> Howdy,
> I'm using 2.0.0 on FreeBSD 7-Current, and although I have
> "no-secmem-warning" in my gpg.conf, I'm still getting "Warning: using
> insecure memory!" with just about every gpg command I run. Any ideas?
> Doug

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