OpenPGP Card implementation

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Fri Nov 17 02:40:58 CET 2006

The first bit of this is to Janusz; the second is to Johan.

Janusz A. Urbanowicz wrote:

> Do you mean that if I did get some VC funding for design of open
> crypto smartcard targeted for OpenPGP use and then published it (as a
> part of the business plan) I would get sued?

You're asking computer and crypto geeks a legal question.  You have as
much chance of getting a good answer as walking into a meeting of the
American Bar Association and asking them about the differences between
PKCS1-1.5 and PKCS1-2.1.

If you need a legal opinion, you should ask a qualified lawyer.  Please
do not trust any legal opinions you get from internet sources.

Johan Wevers wrote:

> No author known means noone to sue.

This is factually wrong.  No author known just means the author has to
be discovered.  The legal system offers ample tools to do just that.
Subpoenas are routinely issued by courts precisely so potential
litigants can discover whom to name in a lawsuit.

Do not believe that you can remain anonymous for long if a major
corporation or government wishes to find you out.  The best way to
remain anonymous is to avoid coming to the notice of those whom you wish
to be unaware of your existence--not to tweak their nose and say "nyah,
nyah, you can't find me".

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