GnuPG 2.0.1rc1 released

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Nov 23 12:26:28 CET 2006


I did a release candidate for GnuPG 2.0.1.  It fixes the problems on
AMD64 as well as on 64 bit platforms.  There are also some other
build fixes.

You should also get an updated libassuan version:

Noteworthy changes in GnuPG:

 * Experimental support for the PIN pads of the SPR 532 and the Kaan
   Advanced card readers.  Add "disable-keypad" scdaemon.conf if you
   don't want it.  Does currently only work for the OpenPGP card and
   the authentication and decrypt keys.

 * Fixed build problems on some some platforms and crashes on amd64.

Noteworthy changes in libassuan 1.0.1: 

 * New function: assuan_set_io_monitor.

 * New function: assuan_register_post_cmd_notify.

 * Fixed a memory leak.



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